Twisted Nightmare Weekend


Akron, Ohio

September 2003

I want to thank Robyn Griggs for hosting such a FANTASTIC CONVENTION!  I almost got kicked out for, er . . . erotic dancing with Lyla . . . but it was sure fun!!


Me and Marc Singer.

Marc was the star of Beastmaster and V and here I am holding up a picture we had taken of the two of us from another convention!


Lloyd Kaufman, Lyla, Don and 'lil 'ole me!
Me & Don again!
Ed Neal, from the movie The Texas Chainsaw Massacre posing with Lyla.


Gotcha, Lloyd!!
Robyn Griggs

Lloyd Kaufman


Below is my best friend, Lyla, with Reggie Banister to my right and Marc Singer on my left.




Since the age of 16, I have been in seven pageants, many fashion shows, hair shows, have done live commercials for Swiffer, Dryell, Camel, parliament, GPC, Olay, Revlon, Pantene, Physique and more. I have acted in a small theater group in New hampshire in a play called the Hollow, an independent film as the lead character in films such as Birth of a Bitch Goddess, The Cutting Room, Feeding the Masses, Phantom Obsession along with many teasers and tributes to other independent films.

In my travels I have had the opportunity to meet many wonderful people who work in the industry. I've also the pleasure to meet some of my personal favorites and have some pictures to show for it.   Hopefully, someday I will get the chance to work with some of them . . . like David Carradine, Marc Singer, Tanya Roberts, Robyn Griggs, Patrick Kilpatrick, Michael Valenzano . . . just to name a few who I really like and enjoyed talking to.